Lisa Patient MBANT and Emily Fawell MBANT- Registered Nutritionists
Nutrition Workshops: Informative, engaging and fun
Taster Table: Delicious foods to sample at your office
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Corporate Wellbeing

Your employees may not always have the time to think about their health, diet and lifestyle.

Lisa and Emily are here to help. With our nutrition based corporate wellbeing services we can bring the information to them, in the workplace.

We have 10 years experience as Registered Nutritionists and public speakers, and love educating business people on how healthy eating can help give them more energy, better concentration, and less days off sick.

We offer a wide range of interactive and engaging corporate wellbeing services, including lunchtime seminars, health MOTs, metabolic health checks, tasting tables, individual nutritional therapy consultations, and tailored health programmes, including a Weight Loss Challenge.

We happily integrate with your wellbeing programme.


If your staff are working at home and have access to Zoom or similar, then we offer all our seminars as webinars.

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Our services

Create an event to suit your employee needs

We can adapt our services or develop new products if you have something specific in mind

Nutrition News

See a selection of our blogs or visit our Nutrition news page for all our latest and archived blog posts

Winter Fibre

Winter Fibre

For a long time, fibre from fruit and vegetables was thought to be a useless component of food. We cannot digest it because we lack the enzymes to break it down and it was thought to just pass through our bodies without doing anything – good or bad. At the time, it...

Give Your Liver Some TLC

Give Your Liver Some TLC

The liver is a unique and often underrated organ. It works tirelessly for us, performing a multitude of tasks, 24/7. And yet, we treat it rather badly, not least because it never complains. The liver suffers in silence, and by the time we experience symptoms, the...

Tips for a Happy Healthy Menopause

Tips for a Happy Healthy Menopause

The perimenopause is a challenging time for most women. The hormonal upheaval during this transition manifests itself in different ways, and every woman’s experience is different. If the symptoms of perimenopause are unpredictable, so is its duration. For most women,...