cherriesToday’s Evening Standard has an article on stress in the City of London, following the announcement on Tuesday that Sir Hector Sants, Barclay’s top executive and former head of the FSA, was taking three months off due to stress and exhaustion.

Stress has always been a factor in City working, and the article implies that some City firms are starting to recognise the importance of providing stress management support to their employees.

As Nutritional Therapists, stress is something that we encounter in our clients every day, and many do not recognise the more insidious side effects of a stressed lifestyle. Years of stress can result in weakened immunity (always picking up colds, flu and other infections, when others seem to be impervious); difficulty sleeping (it may have started off as worries about work keeping you awake, but these days sleep is difficult every night); weight gain (cortisol one of the stress hormones, causes high blood sugar levels and is linked to visceral fat accumulating around the waist); not to mention fatigue, depression and anxiety.

One of the functional tests that we use quite regularly is an Adrenal Stress Index test which measures levels of the stress hormone cortisol over the course of the day, to determine which stage of you might be in. This is a non invasive, saliva test which is very easy to perform.

The adrenal glands (which produce the stress hormones) respond very well to nutritional changes and can, with some dietary and lifestyle changes, be nourished back to optimal function.

If you are concerned about your stress levels and wondering if this could be the reason that you feel low, why not call us on 0207 375 2223  for a chat to see what we can do or send an email to

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