strawberry on blackberryEating more protein at breakfast can help prevent over-snacking and hunger during the morning. New research presented at a conference in the US on obesity showed that by having around 30 to 39 grams of protein at breakfast keeps you fuller and less hungry until lunchtime. They also found that people ate a smaller lunch if they had protein at breakfast.

Good sources of protein are meat, fish, dairy, soya, nuts and seeds. Here are some Vitalhealth Nutrition breakfast suggestions:


  • Porridge with berries, nuts and seeds
  • Low GL granola (we like Lizi’s Organic)
  • Full fat organic yoghurt with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds
  • Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast
  • Sardines on wholemeal or rye toast
  • Wholemeal toast with almond or hazelnut butter
  • Two poached eggs, grilled bacon, mushrooms and tomato
  • Smoothie with fresh fruit and yoghurt (or protein powder – we like Pulsin)

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