I did a presentation to a Law Firm near Green Park last week and popped in to Crussh for some lunch. Had the

Butternut & Spinach Coconut Curry with Baby Spinach, Brown & Red Rice Mix 

It was pretty tasty, although a little less rice and a bit more curry would have made it perfect for me.

Crussh publish the nutritional content of their meals on their website and this meal only contained 111 Calories and had a nice healthy balance of carbs, protein and fats.

Crussh do an amazing range of juices. We recommend that you choose vegetable juices rather than overly fruity juices to avoid a bit hit of fructose.

Crussh have a branch in the City at the Moorgate Light Centre, 114 London Wall.

If you are interested in a lunchtime presentation for your staff please call us now on 07966 478974 or email info@vitalhealthnutrition.co.uk

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