We are always on the look out for places to eat in the City that serve wholesome nutritious food, and believe we have a duty to try them out (yum!) and report back to you.

Today I’m going to share our thoughts on our latest find: Pod



Last week Lisa and I met up at Vitaldent Wellbeing Studio, where our City practice is based, to talk strategy. After some strenous action planning we needed sustenance, and went out to explore the local area. We very quickly stumbled across Pod at 9 Devonshire Square.

We were both a little chilly so went for their hot offerings. Lisa had the Thai Green Vegetable Curry Hot Pot and I had the Superfood Chicken Energy Pot.

Lisa really enjoyed her Green curry – she said it was saucy and spicy – a great combination. She would have liked more vegetarian choices though.

My Superfood Chicken was also delicious, full of tasty beans and grains, including one of my personal favourites, quinoa.

I was really impressed by the breakfast menu – some delicious sounding scrambled eggs: Energiser Eggs with avocado, mozarrella, tomatoes and basil; or Brain Boost Eggs with salmon, seaweed, spring onion and linseeds.  Can’t wait to try them.

They also stock a great range of salads, baguettes, porridge and smoothies.

There are 23 Pods in London, with 21 of the in the City so why not give them a try!


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