No doubt you have a number of Christmas dinners and parties coming up over the next week or so. This constant socialising can put a big strain on your belt (not to mention your stomach and liver!).

If you want to get through the festive period without gaining lots of weight there are a number of tips we can share with you.

Today’s tip is to read the menu of the restaurant that you are dining at, online, before  you get there. This will give you time to decide what would be the healthiest choice for you, rather than having to decide under pressure. The chances are if you leave it until the time you are seated in the restaurant, you will have had a glass of wine already and you won’t be making the most sensible choice.

In terms of what to choose – avoid carb heavy dishes such as lasagne, risotto and potato based dishes. Instead choose meals that contain plenty of vegetables and good quality protein, such as sea bass with steamed vegetables.

Be careful with desserts too. Don’t order one just because everyone else is. Steer clear of sugar laden desserts and opt for the cheeseboard if there is one.

Enjoy your night out!


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