Are you hosting an event over Christmas and want to treat your guests to a more nutritious range of canapes and snacks?

Here is our handy guide to nutritious party food:

  • Provide a great selection of stuffed olives – olives stuffed with anchovies, feta, manchego, chillies, almonds and lemons are all readily available
  • Spend a little time chopping raw vegetables (carrots, peppers, celery, cucumber) and serve with a homemade hoummous
  • Rustle up your own guacamole – here’s a link to one of my favourites. It always tastes so much better than a shop bought version
  • Provide bowls of raw nuts (walnuts, pecans, cashews) rather than roasted ones
  • Serve marinated anchovies drizzled in olive oil
  • Dip brazil nuts in melted dark chocolate for a sweet treat
  • Stuff dates with almonds for a middle eastern treat
  • Buy mini oatcakes and serve with smoked salmon or mackerel pate
  • Wrap prunes in parma ham
  • Serve hard boiled quails eggs – a bit fiddly to peel, but they look so pretty and will impress your guests



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