The party season is in full swing and at every good drinks party there are mountains of canapes on offer – most of which are generally not too good for you, as they tend to be pastry or bread based.

The best way to resist temptation is to ensure that you are not hungry when you arrive. If it is a dinner party and you are going to be fed a meal, you don’t want to gorge yourself on canapes beforehand. So have a healthy snack before you leave home, to ensure that you are not feeling peckish on arrival, and can therefore resist the lure of the trays of deep fried snacks.

If it is a drinks party, then make sure you have had a proper meal before you arrive, so that you have no need for the canapes.

Not all canapes are bad for you. Look out for olives, nuts, cheese, smoked salmon, meats and crudites, and give the pastry encrusted volovontes, sausage rolls and crisps a swerve.


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