One of the worst consequences of a good night out can be the ensuing hangover. Today we share a few tips to minimise your chances of feeling dreadful the morning after, and following this advice should reduce the impact of your alcohol intake on your waistline. Most types of alcohol are highly calorific and will contribute to your post Christmas bulge.


  • At the start of a night out, or at lunch have a large glass of water. Often we drink our first glass of wine to quench our thirst. Having a glass of water first means that you are likely to drink your first glass of wine more slowly and less likely to drink so much
  • Whenever you seat down to eat at a restaurant ask the waiter to bring a jug of water
  • Try to have a glass of water for every glass of wine that you drink. This will keep you hydrated and means that you just won’t have the capacity to drink so much
  • Make sure you have a large glass of water before you go to bed,  and take another to bed with you.

Your hangover is likely to be much less severe if you keep yourself well hydrated throughout the evening.


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