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Did you watch BBC2s Horizon programme “What’s the Right Diet for you?”. If you didn’t it’s still available to watch on Iplayer for the next 24 days.

If you did you will know that they divided their 75 participants into 3 types of eaters as a result of hormonal, genetic and psychological testing.

The types of eater they found were:

Emotional Eater – someone who reaches for food in times of stress or upset, using food as comfort

Feaster – someone who once they start eating can’t stop

Constant Craver – someone who eats all the time and can’t pass by food without having some

You can take a quick, simplified test to see which of these types of eater you are:

And for each type of eater they suggested a different diet or strategies to adopt:

Emotional Eaters were advised to join a group weight loss programme and have counselling or coaching

Feasters were advised to follow a higher protein, low GI/GL diet to make them feel fuller quicker and for longer.

Constant Cravers were advised to do Intermittent Fasting – eating normally for 5 days and reducing their calorie intake for 2 days

If you can relate to any of these types of eaters then we can help you lose weight. Lisa and Emily are very experienced weight loss coaches and have the expertise and skills to make your weight loss journey more successful than if you try on your own.

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