Key to migraine prevention is knowing your triggers, and these may be unique to you…

The most common trigger foods are those high in a group of nutrients called amines.

This includes chocolate, pork, cheese and other diary products, citrus fruits and fruit juices, onions, coffee and tea (caffeine) marmite, alcohol and wheat.

Chemicals such as MSG (found in seafood, mushrooms and often added to Chinese food) or artificial sweeteners are common migraine culprits.

Stress and fasting are known triggers, so migraineurs should take care to find time to relax, and to eat regularly and keep their blood sugar well under control.

If you suffer from migraine and have been unable to identify your triggers, then we can organise a food intolerance test for you. We use highly regarded laboratories, such as ALCAT in Germany, to ensure the most reliable results.

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