If you’ve tried many different diets and exercise programmes to lose weight and are disappointed with the results, then DNA testing may help you to choose the programme for you.

Two tests are available, and we are pleased to offer a package of one DNA test with two consultations for £295.

If you would like to take both tests and two consultations this would be £450.

You will receive a comprehensive report and individual diet plan during your initial consultation, and a follow-up one month later.

OPTION 1 – DNA for Diet

The DNA Diet test checks for 13 different genes that impact metabolism, insulin sensitivity, satiety and feeding behaviour. From the results we can determine the a diet that best suits your genetic markers.

OPTION 2 – DNA for Sport

The DNA Sport test checks for genes in three categories that relate to sporting performance, namely Power and Endurance, Tendon Pathology and Recovery.

From the results we can advise you on the type of training that best suits your profile, and a nutritional recovery programme unique for you.


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