Is your company in the Top 100 Best Companies list? If not what are you doing to make it onto the list?

Best Companies cites employee wellbeing as a “key element of a successful, happy workplace” and it is one of their 8 factors of engagement. They define wellbeing as “How your employees feel about stress, pressure at work and life balance”.

Here at Vital Health Nutrition we believe passionately that encouraging your employees to place importance on what and how they eat can have a big impact on how they experience stress, as well as their general wellbeing and health. A good diet can also mean that they are less likely to be susceptible to illness, which means better workplace performance, less absenteeism and less presenteeism.* According to the Office for National Statistics absence due to minor illness (coughs, colds etc) lead to 27 million lost working days in the UK in 2013, and 15 million working days were lost due to stress, anxiety and depression.

We offer a number of solutions for office based workers:
• If you are lucky enough to have canteen within your premises we can conduct canteen tours to help employees select the best options for energy and concentration
• We can provide a 12 month Seminar Programme of themed talks, all aimed at the office worker – on topics such as “Sustaining energy levels throughout the day”, “Boosting brain power and concentration”, “Strengthening immunity to avoid coughs and colds”, “Stress and how to reduce it through diet”

Lisa presenting at Huddle, E1

Lisa presenting at Huddle, E1

• We can provide tasting tables where we bring along ideas for healthy breakfasts and snacks, with Nutritionists on hand to answer food and health questions

• We run team building workshops where we combine talks with interactive sessions such as smoothie competitions

Lisa with a smoothie tasting table at Dartford FC

Lisa with a smoothie tasting table at Dartford FC

• Health testing – we bring health testing to your workplace, for those who don’t have time to get to the GP. Tests available include cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, body fat and hydration levels
• Tailored weight loss programmes

Best Companies also place emphasis on looking after the mental health of employees, which can be negatively impacted by poor diet. This is a subject which we can provide talks on, sharing the best diet for good mental health.

So if you want to improve your chances of making it into the Best Companies list, then contact us to see how we can support you to achieve this, by focussing on the wellbeing of your staff.

Call Emily on 07967 639347 to discuss your requirements now or visit to find out more about us and our services.

* coming to work despite being ill, and risking the spread of infection to colleagues.

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