In our talks on having great energy and weight loss we recommend that you include some form of protein-rich food with every meal and snack.

Our advice is further backed up by a new clinical study that was published this week in the USA, where 40 overweight and unfit men were put on a strict exercise and diet routine.  They were all given low calorie meals, but half of the men had more protein in their diet than the other half.

After a month the high protein group lost more weight than the other group (10.5 pounds compared to 8 pounds) but they also gained more muscle (2.5 pounds compared to 0 pounds).

Protein is well-known for helping to re-build muscles after exercise, and it also helps to control insulin levels which is the hormone that causes food to be stored as fat.

Protein-rich foods include meats, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans and pulses, and soya foods such as tofu.

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Salmon with asparagus image:

Salmon with asparagus


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