We really enjoy it when our clients ask us to provide a tasting table to follow our presentations.

This is where we set out a table of healthy foods to demonstrate the principles that we’ve covered – and, of course, you get to taste the delicious foods on offer.

This week Lisa did our “How to Have Great Energy All Day” talk to a lovely group at an engineering company with a base in Barbican. After the talk we spent an hour sampling balanced snacks, ranging from very quick and easy options such as nuts and fruit, to savoury snacks that required a little more effort such as vegetable sticks and hummus.

The tasting table also gives us a chance to answer any more questions and to talk in more depth about the nutritional content of the foods – it really puts us to the test!

If you fancy booking a talk and tasting table, please call us now on 07966 478974.

Nutrition talk


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