Are you confused about what is genuine nutrition advice and what is just pseudo-science?

Lisa and Emily both have excellent credentials, and our talks and seminars are based in knowledge we gain from reading published scientific papers, our training and our clinical experience.

Lisa is proud to be a regular contributor to Optimum Nutrition Magazine, a quarterly publication from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition.

It’s full of useful articles and insights to guide you through the minefield that is nutrition and health and is available in print or via the Magzter app. Check out the next edition where Lisa writes two features: All About Fibre and Mood Foods.

In addition to being a Nutritional Therapist, Emily is an NLP Practitioner, using NLP coaching skills to help people change negative eating habits. She is also a Zest4Life nutrition and weight loss coach.

Lisa and Emily both graduated from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2008, and have busy private clinics in addition to their corporate work for Vital Health Nutrition.

After 9 successful years we know that what we do works, so why not share our knowledge with your workforce?

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