Never before have so many people been forced to work from home. At this stage we don’t know just how long this situation will prevail, and those who are not used to being homebound could struggle with staying healthy and being confined.


We have developed a new seminar Home-Working: Eating Well and Staying Healthy which can be delivered by webinar to your staff. The 45 minute presentation covers a wide range of topics from eating healthily throughout the day, how to read food labels, store cupboard recipes and other top tips to keep your diet varied. We also offer lifestyle tips to keep people focussed, sane and positive and end with 15 minutes of Q&A to respond to specific questions.


We have also updated our Boosting your Immunity Naturally seminar to incorporate the latest thinking on immune health and nutrition in the face of the Coronavirus. This webinar is full of practical suggestions on how to establish and maintain a robust immune system through diet and lifestyle – covering the importance of nutrients, why our gut health needs to be taken seriously and lifestyle factors that will influence immune health.


Our Eating for Great Mental Wellness has proved very popular during lockdown. In this webinar we look at the impact food has on the brain and our mood, with clever ideas on how to enhance your diet with “mood foods”.


To keep people engaged these webinars are interactive and staff will be given practical, realistic ideas for making these coming weeks (possibly months) more bearable.


Please remember that we are happy to deliver any of our seminars via webinar and it might be a practical way to keep your teams motivated whilst self-isolated. We can also deliver one to one consultations over Zoom or other software if you think this would be something your staff would appreciate.


Click here for a full list of seminar topics.


Please do get in touch to discover how we can support you to make sure that staff wellbeing is still a priority in the coming weeks and months. Email us on or call 07966 478974.


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