We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the great questions our audiences asked at the end of our webinars during 2020, and noticed a few common themes. From these we’ve selected five nutrition “myths” to create a new stand-alone webinar. The session can be used to top-up knowledge for our existing customers, or as an introduction to good nutrition if you are new to our services.

Our 5 “myths” are:

  1. Skipping meals is a good idea
    There is so much information about fasting in the media that it is not surprising we get confused. Here we look at the impact of skipping meals on our energy, and what the optimum fasting time is for good health
  2. Fat makes you fat
    The number of 0% fat yoghurts on the supermarket shelves far outweighs the “full fat” varieties. But are they the healthiest choice? Will using butter make you fat? We look at how the body uses fat, and help you to make the right choices
  3. Vegans are the healthiest people
    Or are they? We explore the many benefits of a plant based diet, but also the potential pitfalls if you don’t satisfy all your nutritional needs
  4. Eating too many eggs is bad for me
    The cholesterol debate rages on, and many people are still cautious about eating eggs, a food naturally high in cholesterol. We explain the nutritional value of eggs and tips to keep your cholesterol within healthy limits
  5. Nutritional supplements are a waste of money
    A subject very close to our hearts. Here we provide guidance on when you may need a bit of extra help from a supplement, and how to choose wisely from the vast number of products available.

To book this webinar, please email us at info@vitalhealthnutrition.co.uk or call/text 07966 478974

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