We are delighted to launch our new webinar

“Eat Well, Spend Less.

The grim news is that food prices continue to rise, and according to The Food Foundation, food inflation is at a shocking 16.7%.  Our concern is that people will start to make unhealthy choices that may affect their health, energy levels and productivity in the workplace.

Because of this, we’ve created a new 60-minute webinar Eat Well, Spend Less which is packed with a combination of educational nutrition information and practical advice.

In the webinar we share our top tips on how to eat a nutritious balanced diet without breaking the bank. The factors we will explore are:

What is a balanced diet and what are the key nutrients we need to get through a busy working week

Choosing protein wisely and affordably

Being economical in the kitchen

Meal suggestions and top tips on managing your food budget

In addition to the live webinar, we will send you a recording of the talk and an interactive e-book which will help employees to plan their meals and spending.

If you are interested in this webinar please email us at info@vitalhealthnutrition.co.uk or call us on 07966 478974.

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