Findings of the Vitality report on corporate wellbeing

In our March Newsletter we focussed on the importance of having a wellbeing strategy and highlighted some of the findings of the Vitality report on corporate wellbeing. Here’s a summary of the content for those not on our mailing list (email us now to be added!).

Britains Healthiest Workplace

Vitality, the Health Insurance company, run what they claim is the UK’s largest employee wellbeing survey “Britain’s Healthiest Workplace”, in conjunction with the Financial Times. Every year they produce a report and here are the key findings for 2022*:

Employee productivity has been in decline since 2014. In 2022 employees lost over 20% of working hours. Employees are at work, but just not as productive as they were 10 years ago

Hybrid workers are doing really well – 68% of them report that they have a good work-life balance. They report lower levels of depression, are more active, have good sleep and better diets than office-based staff

Younger workers are finding it tough- they are more likely to suffer with fatigue, depression, burnout and job dissatisfaction

Women are struggling more than men – reporting higher levels of depression, fatigue and burnout.

Many companies offer wellbeing initiatives to their staff, but not all of them lead to lasting change. We truly believe that our corporate nutrition services do. A few of the reasons why are:

Our nutrition advice, whether delivered via a seminar or webinar, or in a one-to-one health consultation or health check is practical and realistic. This is due to our years of experience as Nutritional Therapists working in our own clinics with individual clients

What we eat is within our control and we have to do it every day. With the correct advice employees can make changes that have a significant effect on their wellbeing

We are passionate about what we do and we feel that this comes across when we interact with people, whether it’s a crowd of 100 on zoom or an individual in a private consultation

We are a small business and we can flex to meet your needs. We can create bespoke initiatives which are tailored to your staff demographic.

As well as providing top class content we are also able to use our extensive business skills to help you organise your wellbeing event. To provide a wide and fun variety of experiences we have teamed up with a broad range expert speakers. Some of the sessions we offer, such as those by our partner Interior Designer, are unique to Vital Health Nutrition. Please give us a call on 07966 478974 to discuss your needs.

*“Investment in health and wellbeing leads to greater engagement at work, lower turnover rates and improved job satisfaction.”
Professor Dame Carol Black DBE, FRCP BSD – Britain’s Healthiest Workplace chair and Expert Adviser for NHS England & Public Health England

Corporate Wellness and Nutrition

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