Mental Health Awareness Week Focusing on Anxiety

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week in May focusses on anxiety. If you are thinking of providing valuable life-changing advice to your employees to help them cope with anxiety then we highly recommend that you book our talk Stress, anxiety and adrenal function.

Anxiety – a normal reaction to stress

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, and most of us will encounter mild bouts of anxiety in our working week, whether it’s about meeting a deadline, giving a presentation, or just trying to get everything done.

We also encounter stress in our private lives in relationships, and increasingly with financial worries.

The body has amazing mechanisms to deal with stress and anxiety. A complex system of hormones adapt the body to be able to deal with the stressor and keep us safe until the stress has passed. Unfortunately if we continue to be anxious these mechanisms become over-worked leading to health problems.

Vital Health’s webinar on Stress

In the Vital Health talk Stress, anxiety and adrenal function we explain in more detail what the impact of stress has on the body and in particular the glands which produce the stress hormones. We look at the nutrients that we need to be consuming to strengthen the body’s resilience to stress, and, conversely, what foods may be contributing to anxiety.

This talk is a stand-alone webinar or seminar, but to maximise your chances of making a real difference to the mental wellbeing of your staff we highly recommend our three-part seminar series on Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing.

Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing

This fact-filled series is designed to cover several aspects of mental wellbeing and drive home how good nutrition can really make a difference. We are looking to encourage lasting change that will give participants the information and tools they need to support their mental wellbeing and reduce the chances of chronic mental health issues.

In the series we include the following three talks:

Dietary principles for good mental health

There are measures that we should all take to reduce the negative impact of some foods we eat on our mental health. In this talk we look at how diets high in sugar and ultra-processed foods can de-stabilise mood and contribute to symptoms of poor mental health. We focus on macronutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and how choosing the right ones can make a big difference to how you feel. You will leave this talk with knowledge of simple changes you can make to ensure that your diet is supporting good mental health.

Stress, anxiety and adrenal function

As mentioned above, this talk covers the impact of stress and anxiety on the body, and how the “fight or flight” mechanism can lead to chronic health problems if it gets out of control. We explain which nutrients and dietary changes help to support the adrenal glands, and the lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your resilience to stress.

Optimising brain health for mental wellbeing

Our final talk in the series explores the world of neurotransmitters – chemical signals such as serotonin and dopamine, which are vital for good mental health. Your diet can influence the production of these chemicals and lifestyle factors such as sleep and exercise are important to consider too. We look at how eating the right fats can protect the brain, and explore the link between gut health and mental health.

Each individual seminar is £550, and the full series of three talks is £1500. Please contact us on to make your booking.

Corporate Wellness and Nutrition

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