The Big Poo Review

Earlier this year more than 140,000 people took part in the biggest ever UK survey of bowel habits, “The Big Poo Review”. The results have given a great insight into the toilet habits of the nation. But perhaps a bigger goal of the project was to get people talking about bowel health and breaking the “Poo Taboo”, where people are so ashamed of talking about their gut health that they suffer in silence and may not report more serious symptoms.

The survey was conducted via Zoe, the health study founded by Professor Tim Spector and it was promoted in conjunction with the TV show, Steph’s Packed Lunch. Participants had to answer 20 questions about their bowel health. It is hoped that the data will help health professionals have a greater insight into the bowel habits and symptoms of the population.

The survey revealed the following:

The average person goes to the toilet to do a poo 1.66 times a day

One in 400 people go less than once a week

1% of respondents go more than 4 times per day

23% and 13% of men of women are constipated

36% respondents complained of incomplete evacuations

13% of people suffer so much with their digestion that it affects their quality of life

The importance of bowel health

Here at Vital Health Nutrition we know the importance of bowel health and how it has a profound impact on other aspects of our health, particularly our mental health. Digestive problems are the most common reason that individuals seek our help and we are experts in gut health as a result. We believe that it’s really important to educate people about their gut health and inform them of simple dietary and lifestyle changes that they could make to improve their digestion.

Gut Health Seminar

Our seminar “Good health starts in the Gut” is a great way to start the conversation amongst your staff and give them the tools to start improving their gut health. The seminar takes you on a journey through the digestive system, explaining the function of each component part (from the mouth, through the oesophagus and stomach, to the small then large intestines), and suggesting simple changes you can make to support each. For example did you know that if you wolf your lunch down, the brain doesn’t get the signal that you are about to eat and as a consequence your production of gastric juices is impeded? Taking time over your food and mindful eating are key to healthy digestion. We talk about the link between healthy gut flora and good mental health and suggest ways in which you can maximise the diversity and balance of your microbiome.

As with all our seminars, the presentation finishes with a 15 minute Q&A section where attendees can ask specific questions, anonymously if they like. We find that this section opens up the discussion and reinforces the earlier content.

If you are interested in helping your staff to look after their digestive health then please get in touch now. 

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