Have you started planning your wellbeing events for the Autumn?

We thought you might find it useful to know about the wellbeing themes and awareness days that are coming up so that you can organise your events around them, and we’ve highlighted which of our services you could book to complement each of them.

4 – 10th September Know Your Numbers week

This annual event is run by Blood Pressure UK and encourages people to take their blood pressure. Around a third of people in the UK have high blood pressure and many will not know it. Having high blood pressure can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke and other illnesses.

We can support you to make the most of this important initiative by bringing our on-site health checks to you. As well as taking blood pressure readings, we can test for cholesterol and glucose as well as undertaking body composition analysis (including weight, body fat, muscle mass and visceral fat). Attendees are provided with a personalised report of their results along with advice and handouts. This can be a valuable event for those staff who find it difficult to get to the GP or are in denial about their health.

If on-site health checks are not practical for your company then our seminar/webinar “The Heart of the Matter: Top Tips for Cardiovascular Health”might be more appropriate. We share the key dietary and lifestyle changes you could make to support your heart health and lower your risk of developing high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.


11 – 17th September Male Cancer Awareness Week

This week long campaign is all about raising awareness of three types of male cancer: penile, prostate and testicular cancer.

Our talk on Men’s Health would be a great way to start the conversation in your team. This 60-minute session can be delivered in person or on-line and is packed with information and advice tailored to issues affecting men. We look at how nutrition can support the heart and prevent heart disease. We discuss men’s reproductive and urinary health and the importance of hydration and diet. There is guidance on how nutrition can support mental health, as tragically death by suicide is the number one cause of mortality in younger men.

As we go through these topics we put a heavy emphasis on recognising symptoms and the importance of early detection of these health problems. Men are susceptible to FOFO – fear of finding out – and are much more likely to ignore health issues than women, which is why a workplace seminar on this topic could be so important.

3 – 7th October Back Care Awareness Week

Since lockdown back pain has become a bigger issue for many as they may not be sitting appropriately when working from home, and may be more sedentary than pre-COVID.
Our seminar/webinar “A Healthy Body: Foods to reduce aches and pains” can help your employees see the link between their diets and how they feel in their bodies. We focus how to look after your bones and muscles, for longevity and a pain free existence.

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This year Breast Cancer UK are running a 30 day physical activity challenge to raise funds – maybe your staff would like to get involved?

To widen the conversation on women’s health our seminar/webinar “Focus on Women’s Health” provides practical advice for women wanting to better manage their hormones. Signs of hormone imbalance can appear at any age (PMS, acne, heavy painful periods, menopausal symptoms, weight gain) and diet can have a huge impact on the severity of these symptoms.

10th October World Mental Health Day

This annual event gives communities the chance to raise the subject of mental health and companies to highlight the services that they provide to their staff to support their mental health.

Why not book us to give our seminar on “Eating for great mental health” to provide the knowledge to empower your staff to make dietary choices that will positively support their mental health and reduce the risk of depression and anxiety?

18th October: World Menopause Day

Menopause continues to be a hot topic (excuse the pun!), particularly in the workplace and you can support your staff by giving them access to dietary and lifestyle advice that can help them manage their symptoms naturally. Our seminar “Take Control of your Menopause” is an informative session where we share the simple changes that you can make to your diet to improve symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia and anxiety.

6th November National Stress Awareness Day

We may not be able to control the all stress in our lives, but we can work on improving our response to it.  In our seminar “Improve your resilience to stress” we explain how adopting simple dietary and lifestyle strategies can improve your resilience to stress. Would your employees appreciate a different angle on managing stress?

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