Emily and Lisa are delighted to announce a new 60-minute seminar Taking Your Diet to the Next Level.

In this seminar we have integrated the latest nutrition research with our personal knowledge and experience to produce a 60-minute session full of accessible tips and advice that will help you choose the diet that will lead you to optimum health.

The new seminar is designed to follow How to Have Great Energy All Day. This is the talk that we recommend to our new clients as the perfect starting point. It covers how to balance your blood sugar – the fundamental principle of good nutrition.

However, once you have the basics rights you might want to consider adjusting your diet even more to support your energy, health and vitality. This is where Taking Your Diet to the Next Level is the perfect seminar for you.

These are the topics included in Taking Your Diet to the Next Level:

Time Restricted Eating

Numerous books have been written about the 5:2 diet, the 16:8 diet, and the 14:10 diet. What do these terms mean and which one, if any, should you be following? We examine the pros and cons of fasting to help you choose the eating pattern that suits your own health and circumstances.

Ultra-Processed Foods

You can’t help but notice the noise in the media about Ultra Processed Foods and that it is being associated with chronic disease and low life expectancy. But do you know what constitutes an UPF? Do you know which foods you should be avoiding? We explain how to read labels and simple ways to swap processed foods for natural foods without breaking the bank.

30 Different Plant Foods a Week

Professor Tim Spector of the Zoe Programme is a big advocate of eating plant foods, and maintains that eating 30+ different plant foods each week is beneficial to great health. We look at the reason why plant foods are so good for us, and how and why eating a diverse range of plants positively affects health.

Fermented Foods

Kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, yoghurt, miso, kombucha – these are all types of fermented foods. Following on from the benefits of plant foods we explore how fermenting plants boosts their health-promoting power even more. Learn why you should love fermented foods and include them in your daily diet.

Each 60-minute seminar is £550, but if you purchase How to Have Great Energy All Day and Taking Your Diet to the Next Level the total fee is discounted to £950. Contact us now at info@vitalhealthnutrition.co.uk to make your booking.

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