It is estimated that one in five people are neurodiverse. This means that their brains function differently from people who are neurotypical, potentially affecting the way in which they think, communicate, learn and behave. Although many neurodiverse people have a diagnosis, such as autism, ADHD, or dyslexia, it is accepted that these differences are a natural reflection of the wide diversity of humanity and human behaviour.

Establishing good eating habits and being well nourished is a vital part of coping with the symptoms of neurodiversity. Controlling blood sugar can help to stabilise mood and improve concentration, and feeding the brain with the nutrients it loves can help support development of neurotransmitters and brain plasticity, which is it’s ability to change and adapt in structure and function in response to learning and experience.

At Vital Health Nutrition we have a wide variety of services that can be included in a wellbeing programme and which will support employees who are neurodiverse.  Our seminars include:

  • How to Have Great Energy All Day
  • Nutrition for Mood and Brain Health
  • Mental Wellness: Eating for great mental health
  • Improve Your Resilience to Stress
  • How to Get A Better Night’s Sleep
  • 6 Dietary Tips to Reduce Anxiety

We also offer individual consultations that enable us to provide personalised advice.

Fo more information about our solutions, please watch our short video on Neurodiversity and Nutrition by clicking here

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