Recent analysis in the The Lancet links a daily poor diet to 1 in 5 deaths globally – a bigger risk factor than smoking. Here’s a useful summary from the BBC News website

Specific aspects of our diets are putting us at higher risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. In particular too much salt, too few wholegrains and a lack of fruit are the major concerns, along with too few vegetables, nuts and seeds and omega 3.

Too many people are relying on ultra-processed foods (which can contain high levels of salt, sugar and additives) for the majority of their diet and forgoing real food such as vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, nuts, seeds and unprocessed protein sources, and the consequences of this poor diet are beginning to become apparent. The study was undertaken in 2017 – in the intervening 7 years you can only imagine that the statistics will now be worse.

This can be a lot to navigate – and that’s where Vital Health Nutrition Ltd comes in. We offer a fully interactive workshop for your staff where we share what a great diet looks like, guide participants through an analysis of their own diets, using their own food diaries and then encourage them to identify realistic changes that they could make. They leave the workshop with a personalised Health Improvement Plan that they have created. We recently ran this workshop for the HR team at the National Gallery and the feedback was really positive with attendees grateful that they had been given the space at work, to work on improving their diets.

Get in touch now if you think your team would appreciate this kind of wellbeing initiative.

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