If you are already our client then you will know that we include a recommendation about Vitamin D in pretty much every talk we do.

Not only is Vitamin D essential for bone health, it is also a major factor in a healthy immune system, brain health and mental wellbeing, and in regulating inflammation.

In our talks you won’t find us recommending a specific dose of Vitamin D. Our advice is always to ask your GP to do a blood test to establish your level, or to purchase your own test from a company such as Medichecks or vitamindtest.org. We are also able to offer Vitamin D testing as part of our on-site Health Checks. 

Once you have the result you can calculate your Vitamin D dose using a formula, and there are websites that offer this, or we do this for you as part of your Health Check. 

If you are severely deficient you are unlikely to be able to buy the strength of Vitamin D that you need to correct the deficiency, so we would refer you to your GP as they can then prescribe a high dose for you.

Given our approach, we were very interested to read a new study from Trinity College Dublin, that challenges the current one-size fits all approach to taking vitamin D that is put out in public health channels. 

They found that the level of UVB that you are exposed in sunlight to is a critical factor in your Vitamin D level, so getting out into the sun (without burning) is really important. Added to this they found that age, sex, body mass index (BMI), cholesterol level, and Vitamin D supplementation made a big difference to how people responded to UVB. For example, as BMI and age increase, the amount of Vitamin D produced in response to UVB decreases.

These findings underpin how important it is to do a Vitamin D test, and how Health Checks and personalised nutrition can deliver optimum results.

If you are thinking about booking Health Checks or a talk such as Optimise Your Immune System Naturally this autumn, we highly recommend adding Vitamin D testing. Please contact us at info@vitalhealthnutrition.co.uk for more information.


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