Emily Fawell:

Emily has a special interest in women’s health, fertility and children’s health, and is a Foresight Practitioner and a zest4life weight loss coach. Before retraining as a nutritionist Emily had a successful career in marketing. 

Emily is also a Registered Nutritional Therapist seeing patients on a one to one basis.  Her private clinic is at Bridge to Health in Ealing in West London and if you would like a one to one consultation with Emily please call 07967 639347 or email emily@4wellpeople.co.uk

Lisa Patient:

Lisa has a special interest in metabolic disorders, skin conditions and weight loss and is a regular contributor to the Optimum Nutrition Magazine. Lisa is also a BANT supervisor and runs regular supervision sessions for  Nutritional Therapists. Before retraining as a nutritionist Lisa had a successful career in financial services.

Lisa’s private clinics are at Biolab Medical Unit near Harley Street and at Fairview Medical Centre in Norbury in South London. If you would like a one to one consultation with Lisa please call 07966 478974 or email lisa@tonicforlife.co.uk

Guilietta Durante MBANT

Guilietta, a Registered Nutritionist, studies at the University of Westminster and help us out in London. She is a first class speaker, and has extensive knowledge of food and nutrition. She is a practioner of functional medicine – a pioneering approach to health which focuses on the underlying causes of disease rather than looking at symptoms in isolation.

Giulietta also works as a private Nutritional Therapist and can be reached at www.hormonesinharmony.co.uk

Eva Mauleon MBANT:

Eva, a  Registered Nutritionist, qualified from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition with Lisa and Emily and helps them to manage bigger projects for Vital Health Nutrition. Eva is Spanish and a real food expert, and her passion for healthy eating shines through in her work.

Eva’s private clinic is in Brentwood in Essex. To contact Eva please call 01277 810 542 or email eva@eva-health.com

Dalbinder Bains MBANT:

Dalbinder, a  Registered Nutritionist and herbalist is based in Liverpool. She has a passion for herbs, nutrition and wellbeing and how we can integrate all these into a healthy life for ourselves, our colleagues and our loved ones. Dalbinder encourages people to take responsibility and control of their health and provides support and guidance through lively and engaging talks.

Dalbinder’s private clinics are in Liverpool and Manchester. To contact Dalbinder please call 07841 393775 or email dalbinderbains@yahoo.co.uk