Health programmes 

The Brain Health Programme

This exciting product is based on the Action Against Alzheimer’s programme developed by nutrition specialists Cytoplan in conjunction with Dr Dale Breseden.

Dr Breseden is a leading expert in dementia, and has published research papers and books on how his nutrition and lifestyle approach can both prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease. The programme we offer is based on his work, The Breseden Protocol, and adapted for business people of all ages who want to learn how diet and lifestyle choices can help you to optimize your mood, memory and focus.

This is a 6 week programme with a one hour seminar per week.  The topics include:

  • Mind What You Eat – a comprehensive exploration of diet and nutrients to support brain health
  • Gut Health – how a healthy gut can contribute to a healthy brain
  • Handling Stress – mitigating against the negative effect of the short and long term stress response
  • Sleep – physiology of sleep and how to improve sleep
  • Exercise – how it impacts cognitive function and what is the best exercise for brain health
  • Brain training – how we can stimulate the brain

For enquiries regarding this programme, please call Lisa on 07966 478974.

The price for this programme is £2500.

Children’s Health Seminar Programme

Are a large proportion of your employees parents? Do they worry about their nutrition knowledge when it comes to feeding their kids?

Why not provide them with our programme of 8 hour long talks on children’s nutrition. The following talks are included:

  • What should I be feeding my child? An introduction to Children’s Nutrition
  • Tantrums, mood swings and beyond: Improving children’s behaviour and concentration through diet
  • Stop scratching! How diet can support a child with eczema
  • Persistent coughs and colds? How to boost your child’s immune system
  • Overweight? Underweight? How to get the balance right through diet
  • Tummy troubles? Supporting health digestion in your child
  • Challenged by a Fussy Eater? Practical approaches to encouraging a healthy diet
  • The problem with sugar and how to cut down on it

Click here to download our brochure on our Children’s Health Seminar Programme

The price for this programme  is £3500.

Weight Loss Challenge

If you are concerned that your employees’ health is suffering because they are overweight, then it’s time you put them on the Vital Health Nutrition Weight Loss Challenge.

The Weight Loss Challenge is an 8 week weight loss programme for between 8 and 48 of your employees. The aim is that they work together in teams to motivate and support each other to lose weight, exercise and eat more healthily.
Based on the principles of a low-GL diet and our extensive clinical experience, Vital Health Nutrition offers the structure and support they need to be successful. Click here to download the brochure:  VitalHealth_Weight Loss Challenge

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