Nutrition and Wellbeing Webinars

60-minute webinars

Our most popular product is our 60-minute webinars. We offer a wide range of subjects which Lisa and Emily really bring alive. We look at how food affects the way the body functions and include practical tips on how to make improvements to your diet.

Our webinars are delivered using Zoom or your preferred system. There are two nutritionists on each webinar: one delivers a 50-minute presentation and the other monitors the chat or q&a facility for questions to answer at the end. We highly encourage participants to ask questions – it makes the event more engaging.

If you can’t decide what topic to choose, our monthly blogs typically link to national awareness campaigns, which you can tie into your own event for maximum impact.

Subjects include:

How to Have Great Energy All Day

The perfect start to your wellness programme, we introduce macronutrients and how balancing your blood sugar is the key to great energy and concentration.

Home Working: Eating Well and Staying Healthy

Tips on preparing healthy meals and snacks at home, using a combination of fresh and store-cupboard ingredients.

Mental Wellness: Eating for great mental health

A topical seminar that looks at four aspects of mental wellness – stress, brain health, gut bacteria and sleep – and how food and nutrition can help make us more mentally resilient.

***NEW***8 Essential Nutrition and Self-Care Tips for Lockdown

Our 8 essential tips to support you during lockdown. An overview of the elements of nutrition and lifestyle that support mental wellbeing and optimal health whilst at home.

A Sharp Mind: Foods that are good for the brain

Based on our Brain Health Programme, we look at foods that support brain health, particularly fats and antioxidants.

Optimise Your Immune System Naturally

Popular in Autumn and Winter, this seminar looks at the link between diet and a healthy immune system, with a particular focus on plant nutrients and antioxidants.

Stress and Your Health

Learn how to modify your diet and lifestyle to minimise stress levels and boost your resilience.

A Healthy Body: Foods to help reduce aches and pains

All about muscles, bone and joints, and how what you eat can reduce aches and pains and help prevent musculoskeletal disease.

***NEW***Nutrition Myths Busted!

“Skipping meals is a good idea!” “Fat makes you fat!” We’ve taken these and three other “myths” that our webinar audiences asked us about during 2020 and produced an informative and fun webinar. We explore whether or not there is truth in these myths, and what are the best dietary choices for great energy and mood.

Menopause Matters

Discover how to balance your hormones through diet and lifestyle and minimise menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety and joint pain.

Good Gut Health

“A bad digestion is the root of all evil” said Hippocrates. And we agree! In this fascinating seminar we take you on a journey through the digestive system and learn what foods can promote good gut health (and those foods that can’t).

Improving Sleep

This nutrition and lifestyle seminar covers the vital importance of good sleep to health, and provides a strategies for nutrition and sleep hygiene to promote restful sleep.

Focus on Men’s Health

Do you or your employees suffer from FOFO (Fear of Finding Out)? Men are much less likely to seek medical help than women, so in this seminar we look at the symptoms and nutritional strategies to support cardiovascular, prostate and mental health in men.

Focus on Women’s Health

Whatever stage of the female hormone journey you are in nutrition has a key role to play in keeping hormones balanced to reduce symptoms such as PMS, heavy or painful periods, skin breakouts and more.

Essential Sports Nutrition

This seminar is designed for business people who like to keep fit, but are not sure what or when to eat to get the maximum performance from their training. We cover energy systems, digestion and hydration.

Lose weight, gain vitality

A fantastic kick-start to your weight loss. We explain what a low GL diet is, and how to eat to lose weight without ever feeling hungry.

The Heart of the Matter: top tips for Cardiovascular Health

In this seminar we talk through the major types of cardiovascular disease and reveal the dietary and lifestyle changes that you can adopt to minimise your risk and support great heart health.

A single webinar is £550. If you book a series of 3 webinars the price is £1500.

Bite-sized videos

Looking for a fun element to add to your wellbeing week?

Our 5-minute video hacks are the perfect solution. We create each one especially for you, based on the topics of your choice. These can be any nutrition-related subject which is a priority for you eg healthy snacks, how to drink more water or relating to a nutrition subject that is in the news. Call us now on 07966 478974 for more info.

Webinar series: Vital Health Lockdown Support

This series of three webinars is targetted at the factors affecting employees working from home during lockdown. The covid-19 pandemic has forced many of us to make radical changes to our routines, affecting our eating habits, sleep and overall health. In these webinars we cover 6 vitally important principles of good blood sugar control, which can help to maintain good energy and concentration throughout the day, as well as dietary and lifestyle choices that can help to support good mental health and foods that help optimise the immune system.

Webinar 1:  How to Have Great Energy All Day

Every wondered why energy levels drop after lunch? Do you feel sleepy and unable to concentrate at certain times of the day?

In this first webinar we explore what affects our energy levels and take a look at macronutrient balance; we explain how to eat for better blood sugar control; and reveal the foods that give us great energy levels.  You learn how good blood sugar control is the first step to staying alert and wide awake throughout the working day.

Webinar 2:  Optimise Your Immune System Naturally

Can diet really improve our immunity? Yes, it can!

In this talk we explain the key nutrients to support a healthy and balanced immune system. We take a high-level look at how the immune systems works and how having a healthy gut is linked to optimised immunity. Our top dietary tips will help you increase yoru antioxidant intake and top-up your vitamin D.

Webinar 3: Eight Essential Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips for Lockdown

Our third webinar of the series covers eight topics that, when got right, can support mental and physical wellness during lcokdown. The eight topics are: balancing blood sugar for mood and energy, achieving a minimum of 5 portions of fruit and veg daily, essential fats, hydration, mindful eating, restful sleep, and work/home balance

Please contact us if you would like to customise the three webinars in the package – we are happy to mix and match any topic.

A group of 3 webinars is £1,500.

Call Emily on 07967 639347 or email now to find out more about our services and ensure that staff wellbeing is a priority in 2021