Taster Tables 

To really make your wellness event come to life, add a Taster Table!

We prepare a delicious selection of tasty snacks for your employees to try.

Typically the Taster Table follows a seminar, and includes foods that apply the principles of the seminar.

For example, if you choose our seminar Mental Wellness: Eating for Great Mental Health,  then the Taster Table will include dopamine-boosting combinations such as  eggs on rye bread with paprika, or brazil nuts with dark chocolate. We’ll add in some mood-boosting healthy fats such as oily fish, nut butters and seeds, paired with brain-protective antioxidants such as beetroot, chicory and radishes.

We aim to be creative, and to provide practical and useful tips on how to choose healthy snacks. We also have a Taster Table of healthy breakfasts, if that works better for you.

A Taster Table costs £850, with sufficient snacks for up to 50 people. The table is manned by two nutritionists who explain the foods on offer and answer any other nutrition-related queries.

A Taster Table and Seminar combined is £1250.

Please email us now at info@vitalhealthnutrition.co.uk or call us on 07966 478974 to book your wellness event.