Corporate nutrition workshop

Our corporate nutrition workshops provide the opportunity for your staff to get to grips with a health related topic in more detail. The interactive nature of the sessions means that attendees have the chance to apply the information to their own situations. Every corporate nutrition workshop involves goal setting which means that changes are more likely to be adopted, as attendees have had the space and time to explore barriers and devise realistic lifestyle changes.

Workshops work best with smaller groups (10 – 15 people) and access to desks and a whiteboard.

60 minute workshops cost £550

“How to have great energy throughout the day” corporate nutrition workshop

How to have great energy throughout the day

Duration: 60 minutes

In this one-hour interactive corporate nutrition workshop we work with groups of 10 – 15 people to really understand the improvements they could make to their diets to ensure more consistent energy levels throughout the day.

The workshop starts with a talk that covers macronutrients, the importance of blood sugar balance and the 6 golden rules for great energy. Attendees then fill out a food diary for the last two days. We then analyse the diary and identify areas for improvement. Menu plans are then created that follow the “Golden Rules”. The workshop ends with goal setting: attendees identify the changes they could make, barriers to success and actions for success.

This practical, personalised approach is proven to lead to lasting change. In small groups there is time for one on one support from the Nutritionist for those with specific dietary restrictions and time for group discussion.

Attendees leave with their completed worksheets plus suggested menu plan